About us

MARS Group was founded 1989 in Novi Sad, Serbia.


Initially, the business activity was based on mediation and services. Over time we have developed into a manufacturing enterprise.

The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, while the production is based in Beocin, Serbia.

We currently employ over 100 workers.

Production is oriented to assembly and mechanical production such as:

milling, turning,

cutting, bending,


surface treatment.

MARS Group is a mechanical company based in Stockholm, Sweden, with production plant in Serbia.

Our idea is to reach out to our customers with efficient processes, quality and competitive pricing.

We are THE RIGHT CHOICE in the metal industry, by offering.


  • Low-cost alternative
  • Scandinavian way of doing business
  • High quality with well-educated staff
  • Constant quality improvements
  • Flexibility with logistical solutions such as call-off stock


Our goal is to surpass our customers expectations

Covid Pandemic

We take the situation regarding Corona virus very seriously and do everything we can as a company, to protect our customers and employees from the outbreak.

During the current coronavirus situation, safety and welfare are on top of the chart regarding the employees, their families and local community. Our company is glad to report that no employees have been infected. The coronavirus has so far not had any material effect on ongoing operations/deliveries.

The company has stress tested:

  • Supply chain - we bought critical supplies to ensure continuity of operations.
  •  Production - all plans are according to previous schedule, no delays.Production personnel must use all protective equipment and follow safety



  • Office personnel - has retreated to remote work (from home) and are only allowed into the office with approval from their manager.


The company complies with all regulations and recommendations from local authorities in all locations (Serbia and Sweden), with strict sanitation regimes for both sites.

The company keeps close contact with its customers and suppliers to ensure new / revised needs for 2020/2021.


At the moment, we do not see any issues with upcoming deliveries. Based on unstable forecasts from our customers, we have adjusted lead-time with 4 extra weeks on Call off parts that need to be refiled (below Min Quantity).


Machine park

MARS Group has a modern machine park and are working with all type of materials and are constantly investing in new machines while maintaining old ones.

In cooperation with our constructors we manufacture special tools fitted for production according to requirements made by the end customer.


Our machine park consists of:


  • CNC Milling machines 3 axes
  • CNC Milling machines 4 axes
  • CNC Milling machines 4 axes horizontal HS
  • CNC Milling machines 5 axes
  • Machine robots
  • CNC Lathes
  • CNC Punching machines
  • CNC Bending machines
  • Laser cutting
  • Water cutting
  • Measuring machines
  • TIG, MIG / MAG welding
  • Painting (wet paint and powder coating)
  • Anodisation and pasivisation


MARS Group, in accordance with its quality policy, offers production solutions tailored to customers with high product quality requirements.


Thanks to our knowledgeable staff, as well as our modern production environment, we are able to supply our customers with products that fit the original drawings, in accordance with set deadlines.


If necessary, we find new solutions in cooperation with the end customer. High quality requirements come first.


 MARS DOO is qualified/certified in:

  • ISO 9000: 2000
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14000
  • We are also working according to MIL-STD and ISO 9100

Office hours

Monday - Friday

08:30 - 16:00